Canon Printer Features

 Best Canon Printer Features

There are mainly four versions of the Canon printer Pixma, Maxify, Laser, Selphy, Each of these printers has its specifications. Let’s explore different versions of Canon printer features.

  1. First, let’s take a look at the types of printers.
  2. Printers are broadly classified into two types.

First impact printer and second nonimpact printer. The impact printer makes an impression of letters on paper by hammering on paper. While in the case of a nonimpact printer, there is no hammering. Nonimpact printers make use of liquid ink or powder ink for printing purposes. The impact printers have enormous speed and are quite expensive. These canon printers are used in newspapers press. On the other hand, the nonimpact printer is affordable and can be used in day-to-day life. Now we are going to talk about Canon printers which come under the nonimpact category. These subdivide into laser printers, inkjet printers, and thermal printers. Canon offers inkjet and laser printers.

The laser printer has fast speed as well as good quality too. While inkjet printer uses liquid ink for printing purposes.

The Canon Printer Features with details

  • Model Canon Pixma is an inkjet type of printer.
  • Various products of Pixma are launched with Canon printer features. They are, Pixma G2060, Pixma G3021, G3010, Pixma G2021, and much more.
  • All these printers make use of ink for printing. We will especially focus on Canon Pixma G3010.
  • This is all in one printer, which means you can make a print, copy and scan from this printer.
  • It comes with four ink tanks in it.
  • The left-hand side tank is for black ink while on the right side tank, you can fill colour ink.
  • Then you can connect this printer to your PC with the help of a USB cable.
  • Also, you can connect it via a wireless network.
  • You can print 6000 pages in one black ink bottle. While you can print 7000 pages from three colour bottles.
    On the top, it has a mall screen for easy handling.

Canon Maxify

  • Maxify is another inkjet printer introduced by Canon printer features.
  • This printer is specifically used for graphic design. It is small, lightweight, and very easy to operate.
  • On the top, there is a 50 sheet 2 sided document feeder, which gives great quality scanning.
  • The control panel has a 7.5 cm touchscreen display. Also, it has various shortcut buttons.
  • This printer prints 1500 pages from colour cartridges and 2500 pages from black cartridges.
  • At the bottom of the printer, there are two paper cassettes.
  • Each of these cassettes has a capacity of 250 papers.
  • You can connect Maxify to a PC with the help of a USB cable.
  • You can also connect it to your mobile via a wireless network.
  • It prints 23 pages per minute at its fastest setting.

Canon laser

  • Another top-class printer from Canon printer features uses laser technology for printing.
  • Now will especially focus on its MF232W model.
  • This printer prints 23 single-sided pages per minute, Or 12 two sides pages per minute.
  • You can connect it to your device via an ethernet cable or USB cable.
  • Also, you can connect it to your smartphone via a wireless network.
  • It’s also an all one printer, you can print, scan and copy from this printer.
  • Then on its front side, it has a digital display for various institutions.
  • Also, it has all number buttons just near the display.
  • It has a capacity of 250 papers in its cassette.

Canon Selphy

  • It is the smallest printer launched by Canon. This printer works on thermal printing principal.
  • Selphy has various models like CP1300, CP1000, etc.
  • Then most popularly this printer is to take prints of photos.
  • You can connect your phone, or directly to the camera for printing purposes.
  • It comes with a multifunction digital display and various shortcut keys.
  • Then the display is to adjust printing settings.
  • You can insert postcard size paper into the printer.

So it was all about various Canon printer features. For more details, you can visit its official website


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