Canon Printer E5 error


How to Resolve Canon Printer E5 error

Canon printer E5 error happens once there’s a haul with the cartridge. Normally, once your printer is unable to acknowledge the cartridge put in in it, it’ll show you the E5 error message. There may be several reasons behind this error like improper installation of ink cartridges, unclean printer, etc. no matter be the rationale, it becomes necessary to resolve the error quickly. For the answer, follow the troubleshooting steps given below.

  • Properly Install Ink Cartridge 

  • If the ink cartridge is not installed properly, Canon will show you the E5 error message. To resolve the error, you should try removing all ink cartridges from the printer and reinstalling it. To reinstall the ink cartridge, follow the instructions below. Make sure that you have followed each step carefully to resolve the error successfully.
  • First, turn off your printer and remove its power cord.
  • Then, you’ll need to remove the papers from the printer.
  • Push back the paper output tray and extension from your printer.
  • Also, open the cover.
  • Doing so will cause the cartridge to vibrate. Do not touch them while walking.
  • After that, remove the cartridge and remove the protective tape from it.
  • Now, look for and open the access door of the ink cartridge.
  • Then, insert the ink cartridges into the ink cartridges by matching the color of the ink cartridges with their respective slots. When pouring ink, you need to hold the ink by their edges and then press the ink into the empty slot.
  • After filling the ink, close the cartridge entrance.
  • Now, you need to insert the ink cartridge back into its slot.
  • Finally, take the cover off and press the Power button to turn on the printer.

After filling the ink, check if the error persists. If the error is still not resolved, try to follow another troubleshooting step.

  • Clean Printer Properly

At times, Canon E5 shows error when the printer is dirty. This may be due to excessive ink leakage. Therefore, you should try to clean the printer properly. You can clean the printer properly by following the given instructions. Before you begin cleaning the printer, you must use the printer’s self-cleaning feature. If this doesn’t help, try doing it manually.

To resolve the error, you need to focus on cleaning a few critical areas such as the print head, ribbon, ink reservoir and stabilizer bar.

print heads

Most HP printers have print heads on the ink cartridges that need to be cleaned properly. To clean them:

  • Remove the ink cartridge.
  • Take a piece of cloth.
  • Mix some isopropyl alcohol on the cloth.
  • Now, gently rub the cloth on the printer head. Rinse the cloth several times to properly clean the printer heads.


You’ll need to clean the ribbon after you’ve cleaned the printer heads. For this take a cloth and spray some window cleaner on it. Then, clean the ribbon located on the back of the ink cartridge tray. When cleaning the ribbon, you must be very careful because if the ribbon is removed from the printer, it becomes very difficult to reattach it.

Ink reservoir

The ink reservoirs are located at the bottom of the ink cartridge tray. To clean it, take a little alcohol on a cotton swab and then try to clean it thoroughly and gently.

stabilizer bar

Lastly, you need to clean the stabilizer bar. This is the channel over which the ink cartridge tray slides. Cleaning this bar will help reduce noise and remove error. You can clean it using a machine or printer oil. Put a few drops on the stabilizer bar and wipe it off with a piece of cloth.

Along with all this, you should also try to clean the paper pickup rollers. You will find these rollers on the back of the printer. After completing the cleaning process, try using the printer and check if the error is resolved.

Reset the Printer Counter

Another method that can help you to solve Canon E5 is to reset the printer counter. For this you have to follow the given procedure carefully.

  • First and foremost, turn off the printer by holding down the Power button.
  • After that, you have to tap and hold the “Resume” button.
  • While holding down the Resume button, press and hold the “Power” button as well.
  • Doing so should light up a green LED lamp.
  • Press and hold the Power button. In the meantime, you have to release the “Resume” button and press it twice. This will change the color green to amber and again to green.
  • Now, you have to slowly release the “Power” button.
  • Next, tap the “Resume” button four times. Immediately press the “Power” button to confirm the selected action.
  • Afterwards, press the Power button to turn off the printer.
  • Then, turn on the printer.
  • These are the basic troubleshooting steps that will help you resolve the error. Each process must be followed carefully and step by step.


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