Canon MX490 Printer Setup

Canon MX490 Printer Setup

Canon MX490 printer setup is the arrangement and the working procedure of the printer. It is the latest model version of printers. Canon MX490 printer is all in one latest technology printer. It is a highly efficient and multifunction type of Device. You can connect it from any device like laptop, PC, smartphone, tablet, etc. If you are a citizen of the united states then canon MX490 is a suitable printer for you. Even it has an external feature like sharp edges and good looking body. It also has a fun ink cartridge in it. Even it provides Google cloud print and Airprint facilities. But to make use of these facilities we require a setup for the printer.

So following are the steps of the setup of the canon MX490 printer.

  1. Hardware setup of Canon MX490.
  2. Wireless connection of printer with your devices.
  3. Installation of the driver.

Hardware setup of Canon MX490

  • Firstly you require a router WiFi internet connection which is near to the canon MX490 printer setup so that you can get connected easily.
  • After that arrange the printer at a proper and safe place. Where you arrange the printer there must be a
  • power board near the printer. So that you can easily connect the printer to it.
  • After that open the paper tray and add some papers to it.
  • Now add the cartridges that you get with the printer carefully.
  • Then connect the power cable to the power board and switch on the button. The printer will be on.
  • Now, wait for the initialization and alignment of the printer.
  • On the screen of the printer select the basic settings and allow them and click on the send button.
  • Hence the setup is successful.

Wireless connection of printer with your devices

Connect the Canon MX490 printer setup with WiFi

  • On the control panel of the printer search for the wifi option.
  • Press and hold the wifi button and the light starts blinking.
  • Now on the wifi router press and hold the WPS button.
  • Then on the printer, you will see second light that will indicate that the printer is searching for a WPS connection.
  • This process must be done in 2 minutes.
  • Then you will see that the light has stopped blinking on canon MX490 printer setup and it’s in a steady phase.
  • When the light stops blinking you get to know that the WiFi is successfully connected.

Connect the printer to a computer or another device

  • For cable-less connection go on the control panel of the printer and search for the canon MX490 printer setup option in it.
  • Then click on the setup option. The setup button is present on the panel.
  • The screen will now display”Wireless LAN setup“. When you see this option press the “Ok” button near the screen.
  • Then you will see scrolling text or message on the screen. To stop the screen on standard Setup click on the
  • Stop button at the bottom of the control panel.
  • Now when the screen stops use the right side arrow button to get the next option.
  • The “other setup” option will appear in front of you. Now click on the Ok button to select this option.
  • Again click on the right arrow button to get the “Cableless Setup” option and now press Ok.
  • A scrolling or moving text will appear.

Installation of driver

  1. Now take your computer or any device and insert the CD RAM that you got with the canon MX490 printer setup.
  2. Or you can even download the setup online by searching for
  3. Now when you insert the CD, in my computer you will see the setup. Double click on the setup.
  4. The tab will open, on that select your language and click on Next.
  5. After that select your location and click on Next.
  6. Now select your country and click on Next.
    After that, a list of your software will appear. Select all the software or only select your software choice is yours.
  7. Click on the Next option.
  8. Now the License and Agreement Page will be displayed. Agree on the license and agreement and click on the Next option.
  9. Then it will ask for permission to that click on the Next option.
  10. The Installation will begin. It will indicate to you when the process will be completed.
  11. Now restart the Pc for confirmation and working of the driver.


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